Prime Edusoft  is a complete school management system that help schools of different sizes organize, analyze and present data effectively to improve efficiency and aid management decision making process. The software is designed to enable schools take advantage of ICT to elevate the school standard.

Prime Edusoft automates various scheduling activities of the school. You can now easily and seamlessly create school timetables, school calendar and scheme of work. Not only will you be able create; all parties involved can easily access these records via the mobile application and web browsers. Prime Edusoft was developed by Folatech Solutions, a  company based in Lagos, Nigeria.


As Administrator

  • Manage multiple school arms with single installation.
  • Manage all school’s Dormitory, Subjects, Classrooms, and Programs of study.
  • Assign subjects to teachers for any term or academic year.
  • Review teacher’s scheme of work and student study plan.
  • Generate debtors report with a click of a button.
  • Send messages to staff, student and guardian.
  • Generate Itemized student bill.
  • Print Student Bills and Class Bills.
  • Generate Finance Reports and Academic Reports.
  • Manage online applications and admission processes.
  • Statistics on school growth rate.
  • Publish news and gallery on the school website for public access
  • Create polls on the school website.
  • Manage school calendar.
  • Generate timetables for school
  • Manage user access levels (such as Bursar, academic staffs, admission staffs )
  • Access to mobile app.
  • Install add-ons to add more features

As Teacher

  • View assigned subjects for a term.
  • View students taking particular subject in a class.
  • Manage student attendance records.
  • Manage student assessment scores.
  • View approved scheme of work for the term.
  • View School calendar for upcoming events.
  • View student performance analysis.
  • Send internal memo.
  • View timetables.
  • Access to mobile app.

As Guardian/Parent

  • View and print student Bills.
  • Make payments online.
  • View and print payment receipts online.
  • View student subjects for the term.
  • View student course outline for the term.
  • View timetables.
  • View student academic profile.
  • Check student result.
  • View and print school timetables.
  • Access student data from mobile application.

As Student

  • View academic profile.
  • Take CBT exercises.
  • View and submit assignments online.
  • View and print school timetables.
  • Check results online.

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